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Anenský vrch    991 m
Postcard from 1910 (H)

Postcard from 1910 (H)

Anenský vrch (Anna Hill), 991 metres above sea level, with all-round view on the main Eagle Mountains ridge at Alois Jirásek Path (branch to the peak 0,5 km).

St. Anna Chapel built in 1766 by ranger Johan Kastner from Horní Rokytnice was standing there till 1937. By legend, once he had to spend a night in the forest near the hill, overhearing three hoboes just planning to raid his house. Gratitude for the chance to be ready for this event, he promised to St. Anna as the mountain patron to erect a chapel on the hill. And so he did.....

At expense of countess Johanna von Nostiz-Rieneck, the chapel was rebuilt in 1820 and surrounding scrub cut down. Another reconstruction underwent in 1856, this time thanks to the benefactress Ernestina von Nostiz-Rieneck. Since this time the hill was called after her Ernestineneberg, or Arnoštka by the folk Czech name. A stony crucifix with a St. Mary statue was posed next to the chapel, later provided with cast-iron plates protecting walls against weather foulness.

Unmodified but demount and transposed some 2 km beyond you may find it now in Hadinec village. This operation was carried out in 1937 due to construction of the fortification line, surpassing Anna Hill by infantry blockhouses R-84 Arnošt and R-85 Anna.


Chapel with look-out tower, undated (H)

Chapel with look-out tower,
undated (H)

Sometime before 1910 simple wooden construction - unconventional style tower with narrow gazebo, hardly enough for four people - was erected next to the chapel. Emergency refuge under the tower was appreciated during the winter time by skiers, unfortunately the construction perished during the World War I.
"...though Ernestinenberg has got a look-out tower - say shaky assemblage of few ladders - it is so low that nearby chapel hampers the northern view, moreover the wood is so poor that only a new and better observatory would help....."(Tourist Journal, 1917)



Further tower, undated (H)

Further tower, undated (H)

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