Orlické hory
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Bartošovice v Orl.h.
Bartošovice after 2. World War (H)
Bartošovice after 2. World War (H)

The largest newly-settled village on Záhoří region, in the Divoká Orlice (Rash Eagle River) river valley along the polish border, in the 570 m altitude noticed in 1557.

Baroque single-aisle St. Maria Magdalena church dated 1731 with the cemetery gate dated 1740 and stone bridge over Divoká Orlice river with the statue of St.John Nepomucensis.

Just before the World War II according to Dostál's guide-book dated 1939 there lived 732 people, of it 45 Czech and 642 German and performed three pubs (Mačát's, Lux's and Hejbl's). As per Retrospective lexicon only 210 people was mentioned here in 1950.
Probably in thirties (H)
Probably in the thirties (H)

Bartošovice today are known as winter sport centre with both downhill and terrain skiing. Border checkpoint to polish Niemojow next to the Zemská brána (Land Gate) hotel is favourable for tourism.

In Bartošovice reputedly skiing in Orlické hory begun, when a local wheeler manufactured ashen ski ever before the World War I.





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