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Olešnice v Orl.h.
Formerly waeving factory in Olešenka valley
Formerly waeving factory in Olešenka valley.

Summer resort and border village in the Olešenka brook valley, entry point to the northern part of Orlické Mountains, was noticed for the first time in a list of property kept by the Strahov Benedictine monastery in 1369.

Topography of the village environs is rather rugged, surrounding border hills Panský vrch (Landlord's Hill), Ostružník (Spur Hill), Stenka - suit for outlook to Poland (Duszniki, Levin). To the opposite side the village is embosomed by Vrchmezí (Landmark Range) massif.

Not very rich ironstone deposit in Vrchmezí slopes upheld industrial development of the place, designated as a market town in 1499. Mining went down during the next century together with local iron-mills, foundry and the whole town.

Baroque town hall originating from 1707-1709, baroque St. Maria Magdalena of an ancient origin rebuilt during 1702-1704 and municipal pillory post near the school building are the most marked landmarks.


Up the town square in the municipality house a mechanical crib made by Josef Utz in the period of 1930-1944 is exhibited. Unfortunately, the author - a local weaver - never got down his work as he died grievously in 1944. The crib exposition is open Tuesdays and Saturdays from 3 to 5 pm (as in 2001).


Čihalka in winter 2001
Čihalka in winter 2001

Some 4 km (2,5miles) upstream Olešenka brook nearly on the polish border there is an upland hotel Čihalka (Lurk) built in 1869 (www.cihalka.cz). Formerly it used to be renowned tavern Šnapa - reputedly entitled after a German term Schnaps (bugjuice).


"...Olešnice (Geisshübel), summer resort sought after by Prague Germans. It is noted for rather vital industry, electric lighting and a strong Czech minority. In a hostel "U Jirků" every traveller would feel perfectly comfortable. Although on a frontier, almost like home, because right here awoke to a new life the Czech element vicissitudinous until now..." (Chyský´s guide-book Hory Orlické, 1922)



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