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Vrchmezí 1084 m

Vrchmezí (Landmark Range) - dominating peak (1084 m), northern part of the main ridge south-east to Olešnice. Ancient name Humeničnej (meant probably a mount beyond the farmery).

The rest of natural steep growth type, sycamore beech wood with fir, spruce and rowan trees and rare herbs in the area of 16 ha is protected as nature reserve (Pod Vrchmezím).


Rübartsch's chalet with look-out tower on Vrchmezí. Undated postcard.
Rübartsch's chalet with look-out tower on Vrchmezí. Undated postcard.

Behind the polish border (formerly German) there stand a wooden chalet. All guide books did acclaim the chalet, a domicile of a family Rübartsch, escapee from a Bavarian borderland. They never missed out the Czech origin and Czech travellers were hereto warmly welcome. The situation changed in 1930 after the old householder has gone and the new one - his nephew "...has changed his opinion and so did the circumstances too..." (Dostál, Orlické hory 1939). In 1946 the chalet burned off both with a wooden view-tower and has never been reset again.


"...Vrchmezí - Hohe Mense, 1083 m. View tower erected by Klodsko touring association is 28m high. Very good family Rübartsch (formerly Czech family Rybář from Strakonice) hostel. The householder will readily show off the historical Czech Pelcel´s Annals*. Scenic overlook is omni directional and fascinating. To the north and east entire Kladsko county bordered by Owl and Rychleby mountains, with tremendous company of Kralice Snow Mountain crowned by high outlook-tower, behind it Jeseníky mountains, and the two ridges of Eagle Mountains with Rash Eagle River valley and numerous villages to the fore. North a camel ridge of Hejšovina and protracted sandstone Broumov Walls. Down to Bohemia, over Olešnice you will see till Krkonoše, Hradec Králové ...and to Žamberk..." (Chyský, Hory Orlické 1913)


*Frank Martin Pelcl, 1734-1801, historian and Czech revivalist, university professor and author of a New Czech Chronicle written in 1791, native of nearby Rychnov nad Kněžnou

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