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Zemská brána
Land Gate in winter 1998
Winter 1998

Zemská brána (Land Gate) - protected natural piece and favourite beauty spot. Rocky passage of the Divoká Orlice, crossing depressed mountain ridge near Čihák village. The river channelled here romantic valley through solid but cracked gneiss rocks. Narrow stony river bed is flanked by prominent rocks in the length of some hundreds meter savouring an entry gate to Bohemia. Stony single vault bridge at the valley beginning built to convey the road from České Petrovice to Bartošovice over the river stream strengthens the impression. The bridge was made by Czech and Italian stonemasons in 1901-1903.

Divoká Orlice valley at the Land Gate is nature reserve since 1987 (88,2 ha) with a 3 km long educational path passing through. Behind Pašerácká lávka (Smuggler's footbridge) where steep rocks space out, an empire style hunting seat "Lusthaus" was erected by J.Koch in 1806, later used as gamekeeper's lodge. In 1936 it has burn off and perished scentless, only herby meadow surrounded by bush and trees left over.

Downstream on the right side some 60 m high Ledříček´s rock surpass, creating in the bottom part 20m high wall with visible cavern. By folk memory a storied forest robber Ledříček lived here, pulling from riches, endowing the pours, master in masking and extremely courageous.. He was an authentic documented person, caught several times but always flying away, surviving in his cavern for more than 20 years. During his last escape, trying to climb to his cache, a rope plucked off and Ledříček got killed crashing down from the height of 10 meters.


Some 1 km from the bridge a fortification line is passing the valley; right on the river a standalone infantry casemate R-54 was erected. Proximity of the river necessitated an atypical two-storeyed construction.


After strong rainy on September 2001
After strong rainy on September 2001
After strong rainy on September 2001



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